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Welcome. I'm Stevie MacFarlane and in the world of romantic fiction, I guess you could say I'm a newbie. My first novel, CHANGING HER MIND, was published in May of 2012 and I have written three more since then. It seems that once I add new characters, they begin to demand their own story and don't rest until I have given in. What started as a love story between one man and one woman became a series about a large Irish Family, The O'Malley's. Fortunately, I have experience with large families and have somehow managed, I think, to keep everyone straight. In reality, it's common to have a weekend gathering with twenty-five plus people at our house and on holidays that number generally goes up.

Sunday dinner at The O'Malley's is very much like the dinners we had when I was growing up. There was always church in the morning, the only excuse for not attending being death, followed by a family dinner served on my Grandmother's good china. I have never forgotten being stuck at 'the children's table' with my sisters and cousins so there is no children's table at The O'Malley's. Everyone has a seat, as they do in my own home, even if we have to put three tables end to end.

Although I write fiction, my characters become very real to me. (Is this normal? I have no idea and I have no author friends to ask.) Their love for one another, their strengths, their flaws are all part of who they are. I write about strong women, I am one, but I also know there is nothing better than being held by a loving man when the world goes off kilter as it sometimes does. Having someone to hold you and tell you everything will be all right is a comfort, even if it might not be completely true. My theory is, "That's okay Honey, just lie to me. It's what I need right now." The men in my stories are all strong willed and determined to win the women they love, but above all they are human. I like my men with heart and humor and not afraid to admit it when they make a mistake. Is there spanking? Well yes, occasionally a hard hand will make contact with a soft female bottom. If this offends you then you probably don't want to buy my books. However, if a man giving the woman he loves a little guidance and discipline doesn't give you the vapors, you might like them.

Sex? Yes there is sex or more appropriately, making love between my characters. I don't like violence in any form so there is nothing I would consider harsh in any of my novels. I never want my female characters to be truly afraid or made to feel intimidated in any way, so everything is consensual even if they need a little coaxing to try something new, don't we all? A little kink isn't a bad thing and we all need to fly our freak flag every now and then.

Currently I am working on a new novel and once again the supporting characters are making noise about their own stories so it's taking me longer than I had planned.

The links on this page (which is the picture of the book) will take you directly to Amazon where you can purchase my books for your Kindle. CHANGING HER MIND and LITTLE WHITE LIES are also available in paperback. You can also purchase them from Barnes & Noble if you have a nook, or from Blushing Books.

Note: The MacFarlane tartan used on this site is the registered MacFarlane Modern tartan. The photograph at the top is from the wedding of my nephew. My Great Grandfather, John MacFarlane, immigrated to the United States from Scotland at the age of seventeen and I am proud of my heritage.

Please feel free to email me with any comments or questions. I would love to hear from you.

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