Stevie MacFarlane


When Erica asked John Braden to accompany her to Vegas for a wedding, it seemed like a good idea.

John was mature, wealthy and harmless; at least she thought so until he pulled her over his knee.

Suddenly the mild-mannered man from Texas didn’t seem so uncomplicated. He started flooding her office with gifts after they returned from their trip, and she was pretty sure she had his number.

If he wanted a little girl of his own, he was barking up the wrong tree. As an administrative assistant for Sugar Babies Inc., she was determined to find John the perfect match, and quickly. He was far too tempting to be ignored for long.

Susan Shaughnessy wasn’t really surprised when her engagement to Marcus McCarthy went horribly wrong. After all, unless the ring on her finger had magic powers, something was bound to screw things up, and the perfectly groomed, pasty-faced bitch standing in Marcus’ foyer was living proof. A man couldn’t have two fiancées, especially if one of them was Susan, so she did what she did best: cut her losses and split, taking her shoes and her grandmother’s silver with her. Letting her penchant for trouble and her Irish temper get the best of her may come back to bite her on the ass, providing Marcus can find her.


Loved it. It tied up all the loose ends of the stories . The endings were great. Ty and Susan story, alway a favorite . I enjoy her spirit ,humor ,and love of junk food. Please write more books!!! There all so good. Stevie MacFarlane a very enjoyable author. ~ Sara C.

Another fantastic addition to the series and unfortunately, the conclusion. I loved everything about this book and was thrilled that Erica and John and Susan and Marcus get their HEA. I think I will have to read them all over again. I am sorry to see the series end, frankly. If you haven't read any of the others, what are you waiting for? Buy them all and enjoy! ~ SH


This was it! A done deal! Susan Shaughnessy was down on her luck, frequently unemployed and mouthy as all get out, but it seemed her luck was about to change. She just signed a contract with Sugar Babies, Inc., an exclusive matchmaking company, and for the next year she would be under the watchful eye of one Marcus McCarthy, award-winning author and spanker extraordinaire. His spanking fetish was no surprise; Sue knew when she signed the contract what fired Marcus' passion but he was also the sexiest piece of eye-candy she'd seen in a long time. Marcus kept her on a slow burn with damp panties since the moment they'd met. At some point today, Susan intended to find out if he was truly the man he appeared to be and if he was, she would take the monthly allowance they agreed upon and smile all the way to the bank!

Kelsey Reed was shaking in her shoes as she got into the limo that would take her to her new home, but at least she had shoes, she thought glancing at Susan's bare feet. Marcus threatened to confiscate all Susan's 'death-defying heels' but Kelsey was still surprised when he actually removed the pair Sue wore today and handed them to Sam Barringer, the owner of Sugar Babies, before getting in the car.

Thank goodness Ty, Kelsey's match and Marcus' twin brother, wasn't that strict. Snuggling closer she sighed. Ty was sweet and he smelled good, a far cry from the last man who'd tried to put his hands on her. As a Veterinarian, Ty was naturally gentle and caring. If he didn't love her, that was okay. At least for the next year she would have a roof over her head and someone to hold her when she was scared. With her generous allowance, her days of sleeping in the back room at Fat Rusty's Diner with a knife under her pillow were over, no matter what happened.


May I gush? I laughed because Marcus laughed all the time. I cried because Susan was afraid to love and Kelsey was afraid to make love, both because of life experiences. I smiled because love makes you smile, and I was so turned on by the pure love Ty and Marcus showed in their protection, their boundaries and the spankings, of course. I love that we got to see the others at sugar babies. Mike, Brandy, Jeff, Elena, Sam, Johanna, Erica and John. Wedding bells for one of our couples, proposal for one couple, engaged status for one couple, continuing relationship for one and a new start for another. You have to read this fun, happy, journey with redheaded spit fire Susan and timid Kelsey and the men who love them. I did in one sitting. Waiting for the next one. ~AK Bailey

The Sugar Babies story continues with Book #3 and again Stevie has written a fabulous book. I don't want to do any spoilers but Marcus and Susan have a bit of a misunderstanding. Have no fear, Marcus definitely makes sure Susan understands everything in the end! Ty and Kelsey continue their sweet relationship with Ty taking the lead when needed such as when they make love for the first time. Need I say more? Mmmm, need me some Ty. Sam and Jo, Dr. Mike and Brandy and Jeff, Elena and little Rosalie make appearances along with Erica and John. I agree that we need Sugar Babies #4 and if Stevie keeps them coming, I will keep reading! Love her O'Malley series too. If you haven't read those, check them out! You'll be hooked. ~Mary


Marcus learned two important lessons in life; trust your gut and never hide your true nature. The first made him a best-selling author, and the second kept him single. Dragging his twin brother Ty to a match-making party was a split-second decision. Sam, owner and CEO of Sugar Babies, Inc., made frequent offers to find him the perfect woman. ‘Perfect woman’ was an oxymoron and if such a creature existed, he wasn’t interested. It was difficult to justify spanking a well-behaved young lady and Marcus had no intention of giving up his favorite past-time. If nothing else, the party might help get the sassy red-head in the death- defying heels out of his head.

The ‘Luck of the Irish’ eluded Susan, and she didn’t expect anything to change. Running into Sam on her bike was an accident, something she had plenty of experience with. It was amazing how quickly her life changed once she agreed to let Sugar Babies, Inc. find her a match. The suite, the clothes,and room service, all made her pinch herself several times a day. This was one man and a chance for a lasting relationship – a chance she had to take. Only two weeks ago, she had considered taking up the world’s oldest profession just to survive.

Kelsey stood naked in front of a large mirror, critically taking note of her body. Small breasts, slim hips and short of stature, she could easily pass for a child. If someone were looking for a little girl of their own, she was certainly built for the job, she thought in disgust. The problem was she didn’t feel young; she felt old, ancient at times. Somewhere along the way all the joy had been sucked out of her. The past couple of weeks with Susan were the nicest she could remember. How long had it been since something struck her as funny, how long since she had slept an entire night without waking up in a panic? The last traces of her black eye had finally faded. Now if she could find a match who didn’t scare her half to death, she just might survive!

If some matches are made in heaven, surely no angel had a hand in this! Seriously? A spanking fetish? And why did he have to be so hot?


I am loving this new series by this author, it is unlike any other series I've read and has me completely captivated. This series continues on with two couples that includes two identical twin brother's with very sexy fetishes, I cannot wait for book 3 as book two had me so engrossed I finished it to fast. But Sugar Babies definitely is an awesome series to read, so I'm giving it a 5 stars, well I'd give it more if I could but this rating only goes up to 5, cant wait for the next book, Hurry! ~Amazon Customer

Saw it, bought it, read it, Loved it. This is a great story by a great author. Although you can read it as a stand alone, it is better if read after reading A Sweet and Sassy Match (Sugar Babies, Inc. Book 1)this is the inside story. Looking forward to book 3 of this series. I don't think you will be disappointed. ~TiltedHalo


Sam Barringer worked his way up from the slums of Philadelphia to a corner office with a magnificent view of Manhattan. A corporate attorney, Sam was a powerhouse in his field, making more money than he could spend. Still single, he watched quietly as his associates' marriages crumbled, one after another. It seemed there was always another beautiful gold-digger ready to take whatever the first, or second or third wife left up for grabs. Many of his male clients were ridiculously wealthy and so very alone, unable to trust their own judgment when it came to women. Yet, he knew, there were good women out there. The problem was they worked in coffee shops and school lunchrooms, as bus drivers and mechanics, hardly likely to meet a man who could and would provide them with security, love and guidance.

The men surrounding him were unhappy and frustrated, looking for something they were never going to find, despite their wealth. It was then that Sam decided to help, and Sugar Babies was born. Surrounding himself with positive, upbeat people, he resigned his position, left town and set up a matchmaking service. Quickly Sam discovered that there were a lot more men like him than he'd previously believed. Men who wanted a loving, respectful and somewhat obedient partner to share their lives. Men who were naturally dominant and firmly believed that disciplining their woman was sometimes necessary to insure a healthy, peaceful and long term relationship.

While scouting out a new location for a branch office, Sam meets Johanna Maxwell. Jo is beautiful, hard working and everyone's best friend. She could be counted on for house sitting, baby-sitting or pet sitting, or even a last minute loan, if cash ran low between paydays. In fact, the only person Jo didn't take care of was Jo. Sam falls hard, but can he convince Jo that his business is legitimate? More to the point, can he convince her that when he pulls her over his knee, it's out of love?


I am loving this author, this book had the right amount of romance, loving and spice. I could not put this book down and I cannot wait for her next book in the series. I have enjoyed all of her other books but book this I thought was the best so far. The men were dominant and sexy and the women were sweet, funny and adorable. I gave it five stars as this type of story line about a business man starting a dating service is not usually one I enjoy, but this particular service talks more about the people and the story focuses more on the couple and different characters which I hope to hear more about in future books. Once again amazing, engaging and exciting. ~Amazon Customer


Mason's in love and being a traditional kind of guy expects traditional kind of things; like rings, rice, and church bells. Rebecca's in love too, although she prefers to think of is as in lust. Oh, she wants him, badly, although, if it's all the same to him, she'll just skip the church and rice bit and go straight to the blazing hot sex. Mason is a reasonable man most of the time, at least that's what he tells himself. He is determined to change Rebecca's mind but, as his frustration level sky rockets, he begins to realize he might be a little more traditional and a little less reasonable than he thought. Oh, he's willing to give her blazing hot, it's just not going to be the loving she wants, it's going to be on her sweet bottom and he's pretty sure it's going to be fun.

I love this story. It's adorable, sexy and unique. Rebecca is an unusual character. In her story, she's the one who is afraid of commitment while her fiancé is ready to march to the altar, settle down and make babies. She'd rather just have the sex, but Mason is too traditional. He's so traditional, in fact, that he is perfectly willing to spank her bottom when she objects to his attempts to rein her in and steer her up the aisle.

The characters have great chemistry, the writing is good and I was left ready for the sequel. That's what every writer wants from the reader. Well done, Stevie McFarlane! You've written a winner.

~Fiona Wilde, author of "No Ordinary Affair" and "Serving Girl."

I can not say enough good things about this absolutely adorable book! It was hot and romantic, had fantastic writing, a brilliant plot, and was loads of fun to read. Fantastic book, I'm hoping for a sequel!



Nicholas Kord has his life on-track; he is an accomplished attorney, and considered his trip home to be Best Man at his brother's wedding a long-overdue opportunity to reconnect with family and have a good time as well. He is still single and in all honesty, the man oozes sex appeal.

Nick was crazy about Maggie, always had been and always would be. When he saw his son for the very first time, he knew exactly who Jason belonged to and what Maggie had done. He was furious at first, but came to realize that a good portion of the blame fell on him. If he hadn't been so stubborn years ago, things might have turned out differently, but Nick is also a realist. The past cannot be relived; it's the present and the future that matter. He still loves Maggie and he means to have her, one way or another, and he intends to cure her of her bad habits along the way. As far as he's concerned, Maggie had gotten her way for far too long, and it hadn't served her well. Her children, one of whom belongs to him, need a father and whether she knows it or not, she needs a husband who will provide guidance and love; he can be all that and more. Nick has no problem applying a firm hand or taking a wooden spoon to Maggie's adorable butt when she misbehaves, which seems to be quite frequently. Who would have thought one knock on her door would change everything forever?


Couldn't stop reading. Great story line, kept me laughing the whole book. Maggie so real, does things before she thinks. Nick really Is a white knight to the rescue . Very good read!! --Sara

From the first page I was hooked,as I read I started to see the story playing out in my mind as a movie.It was funny and sweet and I love the characters. I can not wait to read the next book from this writer, she has the talent to bring the written word to life.

~In Love With Books

MacFarlane is a good story teller...The characters have a depth to them that makes you care about what happens them. Both the male and female characters are believable and likable. That the story is centered around family dynamics makes it so much more relevant. It is a well crafted story line with all the essentials of plot and story telling. Thanks for the read.



Detective Rory O'Malley wasn't looking for trouble when he found Theresa Martinez sleeping on a park bench three times in one week. He had enough problems trying to keep his sisters out of harm's way. Frustrated and annoyed, he did something he had never done before; he put a total stranger over his knee, roasted her ass, impounded her car, and carted her off to his mothers. Welcomed with open arms by his large family, soon everyone came to love Tess, including Rory. Sweet, soft Tess was not a good match for hard ass, dominant Rory but to Rory, it was not a question of if she would submit to him, but when. It was really very simple; he had to have her, all of her, completely and forever. Unfortunately for him, the O'Malley women have taken Tess under their collective wings and Rory may have underestimated the strength of the so called, weaker sex.

Bridget, the youngest O'Malley offspring, is on the prowl, looking for the perfect man and the last thing she wanted was a man like her brothers or brothers-in-law! As far as she was concerned they were bossy, over-protective Neanderthals who believed the husband ruled the house. No, Bridget has her own criteria. The young intern, working in her brother-in-law, Nick Kord's law office, might just fit the bill. The tall, impeccably dressed, soft spoken geek, Delbert Winston the 4th, has possibilities. Bridget was not adverse to what she considered a 'project' boyfriend that she could mold and shape into the perfect guy. Teasing him unmercifully, she tests him again and again and each time he passes the 'spanking test' and controls his temper. Unfortunately, appearances can be deceiving and Bridget gets more than she bargained for. It seems even a mild-mannered geek with thick glasses and pocket protectors can be pushed past his limit.


I loved this entire series. It was the funniest ever. Tess and Rory were my favorite characters of all. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a little spanking ;)... Read in order to enjoy!!!


I Love this Book! It is my favorite of this writer. I am waiting for the next book at least I am hoping for another book. I am so excited about Dell and Bridget and their budding romance. I cried at the end of the book it was such a Beautiful way to end the book. I loved the way the author exposed Tess to the Love Rory gave to her. I would marry every man in this series. Lets hope the author writes another book this time about Dell and Bridget or the back to the beginning with Sean and Maeve.

~Cardinal Cat


Clarice Winston isn't exactly crazy about her son's choice of a bride. Bridget is pretty and smart, but hardly up for the demands of being a society wife and furthering her husband's career. In order to show Dell just how unsuitable Bridget is, Clarice invites them to a dance at the country club that happens to be on the same night as the yearly St. Patrick's Day bash at the pub owned by Bridget's brother and his wife.

No way is Bridget missing the family party, but after Dell applies an attitude adjustment, she goes along. Clarice even insists in buying Bridget's dress for the soiree and it's the ugliest dress in history. As soon as Clarice's chauffeur-driven car rounds the corner, Bridget is back in the shop, exchanging the dress for one guaranteed to make Mrs. Winston's friends sit up and take notice.

As the dress adventure continues, with negative consequences for both Bridget and her future mother-in-law, Bridget herself begins to wonder if Winston's mother may be right. Maybe she isn't the best choice for Dell.


I loved this book. It has such warmth and humor. Bridget and Dell are made for each other,and the storyline is so cute. The author followed the other books of this family and keeps them all involved. It was funny,sexy and I didn't want it to end. I hope we hear more from this author, I really like this series.


The O'Malley family is a big Irish family that you cannot help falling in love with and for as often as they are together, I never get confused. Each character is very well developed and each story brings out the best of the them. Bridget and Dell are a couple one would not, at first sight, put together. Determined to find a man who is not a spanker, the sexy, laugh-out-loud funny Bridget targets this guy for herself. She is in for a surprise just as the upper-class, nerdy Dell is in for the ride of his life. Don't miss reading this one.


The Perfectly Naughty Bride

Everybody loves a wedding, or so they say. There's something about a couple in love, at least there is when she's not driving him crazy and he's not spanking her bottom. Bridget loves Dell, but can't cope with her meddling future mother-in-law hijacking her wedding plans. Dell loves Bridget, but is having a hard time reconciling his out of control fiancee with the woman he fell in love with.? Abby, Bridget's best friend doesn't get the whole 'spanking' thing, but she's about to get a much clearer understanding of the entire concept when she wakes up next to a naked Connor McCabe, Molly's brother, a former Navy Seal who wants to know what she's doing sleeping off a drunk in his bed in the first place.


Wow!! This author is definitely one of my favorites. I've read all of her books and they never disappoint. This one is no exception. I couldn't put it down. It grabbed my attention from the very first sentence and kept me turning the pages to see what would happen next till the very end.It was full of humor, family, friends, and love. The characters are real people who you can identify with and enjoy. I felt like I wanted to be a part of the O'Malley family with all the teasing and the support they have for each other. Bridget's escapades are the ones we fantasize about but usually wouldn't have the courage to carry out. If you haven't read the rest of the O'Malley books (this is the 5th in the series ) then don't miss out. They all are complete reads on their own but add another dimension to the story if you read them all. If your looking for an exceptional romantic read you'll love this one. ~Timberlan127

Stevie MacFarlane does it again! I had a really hard time putting this book down - I ended up reading the book straight through! My suggestion to anyone is start with book one and read all of them. You'll love the O'Malley family - they will make you laugh and cry! The passion and love these men have for their women is so powerful. I am so glad that I stumbled upon these books... Can't wait to read more from this author! I am sure that I will re-read all the books again in the near future! Thanks for the adventure. ~CKW

Note from the author:

Any of the books in this series stand alone as an individual novel. The Not-So-Lucky Bridget O'Malley is shorter than the others but I couldn't let St. Patrick's Day pass without checking in with the family. I believe there will be one more book when Bridget and Dell tie the knot but I'm not sure when.

Currently I am working on a new novel and once again the supporting characters are making noise about their own stories so it's taking me longer than I had planned.

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